Under Title IX and VAWA, institutions are required to investigate all allegations of sexual violence and sexual misconduct. Such investigations must be prompt and impartial, ensuring the due process of all parties involved.

trainED offers investigation services for institutions seeking assistance with these complex affairs. Our trained investigators are fully versed in relevant state and federal laws, as well as the unique challenges of investigating allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual violence and hazing.


Our investigators draw on their experience in advising, training, and litigating a wide array of higher-ed compliance matters, providing relevant information to assist in the adjudication process. In addition, our investigators have conducted numerous internal investigations for higher education institutions, including sexual assault investigations, harassment and discrimination complaints, employee theft, data breach matters, embezzlement and other misconduct concerns.


A conflict of interest—or the appearance of a conflict—can derail even the most thorough investigation. With trainED’s investigators, you ensure an investigation process that avoids bias and gives a voice to all sides of the dispute.


Investigating workplace and campus disputes can be emotionally fraught for all parties involved. Our investigators gather the information your institution needs without unnecessary antagonism. For cases involving allegations of sexual violence, our investigators are fully trained in trauma-informed investigation practices.

Flexible Offerings

Our investigation services scale to your needs. Many colleges and universities engage our services for all sexual assault complaints. Others simply call upon us in those instances where there is a conflict of interest or for some other reason the matter warrants involvement of a skilled outside investigator. In either case, you pay only for the services you need—without any long-term contracts or engagement fees.

Flexible Offerings
Internal and External

Internal and External

Institutions rely on our advice in navigating internal and external reviews. In addition to the internal investigation process, our team regularly represents institutions in connection with external audits and investigations. We’ve handled investigations conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, the Office of the Inspector General, the Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and other government agencies.

Tell Us Your Needs

No matter the scope of your institution’s investigative needs, our experienced investigators can ensure an impartial and discreet process. Let us know how we can help.