Title IX/VAWA Training for Chief Academic Officers

Event Details

Kathryn Nash and Stephen Vaughan to Present Training at Gray Plant Mooty.

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Throughout the past few years, the federal government has issued requirements and guidance concerning how institutions should prevent, respond to, and remedy instances of sexual misconduct on campus. Beyond the regulatory changes, these issues have gained the public’s attention because of the frequent media reports about mishandled complaints and resulting lawsuits, which have impacted the public’s perception about how institutions are addressing such important matters.  Consequently, chief academic officers are increasingly called upon to address instances of sexual misconduct at their institutions, particularly when the allegations involve faculty.  Beyond these frontline efforts, chief academic officers also serve as critical partners in implementing Title IX compliance efforts and creating a culture of awareness and prevention.

We are offering a 90 minute training for chief academic officers and their leadership teams on campus to provide practical guidance and best practices for academic administrators in the face of this changing regulatory environment with a particular focus on the intersection of Title IX, academics, and faculty.  The training will include an overview of institutions’ obligations and risks and a discussion of key policy considerations for faculty handbooks, faculty training needs, and implementing interim measures.

This training will provide participants with an understanding of their institution’s current obligations and how their leadership roles can be utilized to implement effective compliance plans.