Informal Resolution Training

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The Title IX regulations allow for institutions to conduct an informal resolution process in order to resolve some Title IX complaints. Informal resolution can be a welcome option for parties and institutions to resolve complaints without the extensive time, stress, and expense often required by a formal complaint process. However, the Title IX regulations set forth legal requirements for when an informal resolution process may be used and how the informal process must be carried out. Additionally, the Title IX regulations require that anyone conducting an informal resolution process receive specialized training.

Join us for a 90-minute training specifically designed to satisfy the Title IX training requirements and provide practical guidance in conducting an informal resolution process that is impartial, effective, and legally compliant. Our training is conducted by higher education attorneys who regularly advise institutions on all aspects of the sexual misconduct process, from policy drafting through the final resolution of sexual misconduct matters. Because these attorneys also have extensive experience overseeing informal resolution processes and drafting informal resolution agreements, this training incorporates firsthand, real-world experience and provides practical guidance on structuring and carrying out an informal resolution process from beginning to end. Attendees will also have the opportunity to put their training into action as they work through hypothetical informal resolution scenarios and receive valuable, in-the-moment feedback from higher education attorneys. Attendees will receive a certificate verifying their completion of the training session.

Topics Include:

  • Legal requirements for an informal resolution process
  • How to serve impartially
  • When to consider an informal resolution process
  • How to conduct an informal resolution process
  • Considerations for drafting an informal resolution agreement
  • Discussion of hypothetical informal resolution scenarios