Trauma-Informed Training for Adjudicators

Event Details

Kathryn Nash and Carl Crosby Lehmann to Present Trauma-Informed Training for Adjudicators at Gray Plant Mooty

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Are your institution’s disciplinary proceedings and appeals for sexual misconduct complaints conducted by properly trained adjudicators? When a complaint is brought to your institution’s attention, can you trust the matter will be adjudicated effectively and sensitively?

Higher-education institutions must have their disciplinary procedures conducted by officials who have received annual training on effectively conducting a disciplinary process that promotes accountability and protects the safety of the parties.

Likewise, Title IX requires institutions to provide regular training to individuals involved in their disciplinary process that covers a number of specific topics, including: the effects of trauma, the proper standard of review, consent, the role of drugs or alcohol in the ability to give consent, and more.

To ensure that everyone in your disciplinary process is compliant with these training requirements, join us for this three-hour Trauma-Informed Training for Adjudicators. This training is appropriate for officials responsible for making initial determinations or deciding appeals, as well as Title IX coordinators and deputy coordinators.

Topics Include:

  • An overview of Title IX and VAWA
  • The role and responsibilities of a decision-maker
  • The effects of trauma
  • Other legally required training topics under Title IX and the VAWA
  • Best practices for decision-making
  • Special considerations for deciding appeals