Susan Gaertner


Susan Gaertner is co-chair of Lathrop GPM’s Investigation and White Collar Defense Team.  Susan represents institutions and individuals facing federal and state enforcement actions, and conducts internal investigations regarding allegations of misconduct. At Lathrop GPM, and previously as a prosecutor for 26 years, Susan has conducted and overseen countless investigative matters.

Susan held elective office for 16 years, serving as the Ramsey County Attorney from 1995-2011. Susan spearheaded initiatives aimed at improving system-wide responses to sexual misconduct allegations, and gained particular expertise in the area of child abuse prosecution and prevention.  Susan’s work included collaborating with social service and community-based entities to develop policies regarding child protection, sexual assault investigation protocols and safe environment standards.  Susan’s work at Lathrop GPM has included defense of sexual abuse allegations against clergy, educators, physicians, and other service providers. She has worked with multiple dioceses, not only to defend claims, but to analyze and improve policies to protect children, and to prevent and detect sexual misconduct.  Susan is accustomed to working on high-profile matters, and is experienced in dealing with the media in conjunction with and on behalf of her clients.